Our services


REMONTA Company, Ltd provides complex services in the field of gas installation including the project documentation, supply and installation of appliances and its guarantee and post-guarantee service.

  • outer gas pipelines of low, middle and high pressure systems
  • inner gas pipelines for home and industrial use
  • middle and high pressure gas regulation stations 
  • propan/butane distribution systems and gas storage stations
  • professional revisions and tests of gas appliances
  • distribution systems of technical gases
  • maintenance of gas appliances
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REMONTA Company, Ltd is an alliance partner of Slovak Gas Industry (SPP) since 2005. 
Source: http://www.spp.sk/en/partneri/kto-su-aliancni-partneri/ 

Health appliances

Our company provides complex services for health appliances. Project documentation, full supply and installation of outer and inner sewerage, outer and inner pipeline systems with use of zinc cover, plastic or copper piping.

Furthermore, the sanitary goods, home water stations and automatic stations to increase the water pressure. We also offer potable water treatment, submersible pumps, submersible pumps for sediments and potable water, water meters, hydrants and various other accessories.

Central heating

Our company provides complex solutions in elaboration of project documentation, installation, supply, installation as well as in guarantee and post-guarantee service of central heating.

1. high and medium-temperature water boilers and steam boilers
2. gas condensation boilers and low-temperature boilers
3. biomass boilers (wood, wooden chips, wood pellets, coal)
4. solar collectors
5. thermal pumps
6. floor and radiator heating
7. hot-air and radiation heating
8. hydraulic regulation of central heating and hot water systems 
9. heat exchange stations and water treatment for heating systems
10.professional revisions and pressure tests of pressure appliances
11.service of heating systems


Solar appliances

We offer alternative solutions as a supplementary energy source for your home or company. The continuous improvement of technologies enables the further the more effective utilisation of solar energy. The utilisation of this free and unlimited source of energy is not only an economy solution, but also a nature-friendly attitude. We offer quality systems from renowned companies as Vaillant, Viessmann and other producers.

  • solar systems for water heating 
  • solar systems to support the heating



Our interest in our costumers is not finished with the end of installation works. Our company lays a big emphasis on customer’s satisfaction and full utilisation of supplied systems. We offer quality guarantee and post-guarantee service and a wide range of supplementary services.

  • guarantee and post-guarantee service of gas appliances
  • getting into operation and preventive revisions of appliances
  • mechanical and chemical treatment of boilers
  • control and calibration of security and regulation components
  • setting and optimization of combustion processes with use of TESTO appliances
  • reconstruction and repairs of boiler rooms and their revisions
  • heat audit of heating appliances
  • professional revisions and tests according to regulation No.508/2009 Z.z. on designated pressure, gas and electrical appliances